Network Gateway

ZoneAlarm Free Edition works able-bodied on a stand-alone PC and is an accomplished claimed firewall. However, if you affix that aforementioned PC to a arrangement (with addition PC or laptop) you’ll anon realise that ZoneAlarm will not let you see or admission your network. ZoneAlarm is in actuality accomplishing its job – blocking “unauthorized” admission attempts to admission your PC. The key chat actuality is “unauthorized”. To get ZoneAlarm to recognise your arrangement and acquiesce admission amid PCs, you will accept to accord ZoneAlarm advice about your arrangement so it will again become “authorized”.

This sounds simple enough, but it is in actuality actual catchy for the “average Joe” to configure this if you are application ZoneAlarm Free Edition. (ZoneAlarm Pro Edition is bigger ill-fitted for use on networked PCs).

Here are complete instructions on how to accredit your arrangement on ZoneAlarm Free Edition.

We will be application 2 PCs on a simple home-network for this tutorial and a dial-up internet connection. The instructions and explanations will be as non-technical as possible.

The aperture PC is active Windows XP Home and the Client PC is active Windows XP Professional. Both PCs accept been affiliated via arrangement cable and the Aperture PC has been configured to allotment it’s dial-up internet affiliation with the Client PC, forth with book and printer sharing.

1) Install the actual latest adaptation of ZoneAlarm Free Edition on both PCs. If you again try to allotment / admission files on the network, it fails appropriate away. The Client PC is aswell clumsy to admission the internet through the Aperture PC.

2) You will charge to acquisition out the IP abode (or ambit of addresses) for anniversary of the PCs. On our Aperture PC, we were able to acquisition this out by right-clicking on our arrangement affiliation (Control Panel > Arrangement Connections) and selecting “Properties”. In the “General” tab, we again clicked on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and again clicked the “Properties” button. We saw an IP abode in this architecture – We will be application this as the IP abode for our Aperture PC.

3) We again approved to chase the aforementioned action on the Client PC to ascertain its IP address, but we ran into a problem. The Client PC was set to “Obtain an IP abode automatically” and accordingly this did not advice us to see its IP address. We went aback to the Aperture PC area ZoneAlarm was already active and looked at its log book (double-click the ZoneAlarm figure abreast your PC’s clock, bang on “Alerts & Logs” and again bang the “Log Viewer” tab). We were able to see that a accurate IP abode was consistently getting blocked. This, we ample out, belonged to the Client PC. So we now accept IP addresses for both PCs.

4) Accessible ZoneAlarm on the Aperture PC, bang on “Firewall” and again “Zones”. This is area we will admission in the IP abode of the Client PC, thereby giving it permission to admission the Aperture PC. Again bang on the “Add >>” button and (in our case), bang on “IP Address”. If you accept an “IP Range”, you would baddest that instead. In the chat box that comes up, be abiding that the Zone is set to “Trusted” and again blazon in the IP abode of the Client PC. Again you accept to aswell blazon in a description (example: Home Network). If you do not do this, you will be clumsy to proceed. You accept now auspiciously added the Client PC to the “Trusted” Zone of the Aperture PC. At this point we went over to the Client PC and approved to admission files from the Aperture PC – success. We again approved to admission the internet through the Aperture PC – failure.

5) The next footfall we did was to accessible ZoneAlarm on the Aperture PC and bang on “Firewall” and again “Main”. Set the “Internet Zone Security” to “Medium” (which allows your PC to be arresting but still be protected) and again do the aforementioned for the “Trusted Zone Security”.

6) We again went aback over to the Client PC and approved accessing the internet – success! We accept now auspiciously configured ZoneAlarm Free Edition on our Aperture PC – acceptance the Client PC to accretion admission to it and allotment files, printer and internet. Once your Aperture PC is adequate and accouterment you with advantageous alerts, it is not all-important to accept ZoneAlarm active on the Client PC. However, we will go even added for this tutorial and configure ZoneAlarm on the Client PC as well.

7) At this point, we went over to the Client PC and followed footfall 4) authoritative abiding we typed in the IP abode of the Aperture PC instead. We again captivated up by afterward footfall 5).

Both PCs were again restarted and complete tests were done.

ZoneAlarm Free Edition was active auspiciously on both PCs which were networked together. The Aperture PC can admission files on the Client PC and vice-versa. The Client PC can advance the printer affiliated to the Aperture PC and it can aswell admission the internet through the Aperture PC.

As declared earlier, this action is catchy – but not absurd to accomplish.

Based on your accurate arrangement bureaucracy and the amount of computers involved, the accomplish categorical aloft may not plan for you, but it is account the accomplishment to accept ZoneAlarm’s firewall protection.